open art show TEATRE VIRTUAL
C.C. Sant Agusti seminar
TEATRE VIRTUAL is a programme iniciated by the Mercat de les Flors and DogonEfff to develop and explore real connections between Theatre and the Internet. The programme assumes the challenge of proposing another way to think theatre in the context of the Internet.

More often than not, the virtual and its realities, or virtual reality, is thought of as being solely within the domain of cyberspace and computer generated environments, but Theatre has always presented a virtual image.

Now it is a matter to discover what value does Theatre have in regard to the production of art in the Internet and what can the Internet bring to Theatre.

TEATRE VIRTUAL is a programme of five acts. The first four acts are Internet based. Together they elaborate a structure towards the final fifth act, to be staged in the Mercat de les Flors.

Central to each act is a single character called the Imaginal Anthrõpos, an extra-ordinary entity experiencing existence. Through this character, TEATRE VIRTUAL articulates a dramaturgy from the poetic reason of thinkers and humanistes who address the complexity of the human entity, in terms of matter, representation and image.

The programme TEATRE VIRTUAL is accessible in its entirety on this website. The staged presentation will take place in la Sala Maria Aurèlia Capmany from 18 - 21 April 2001. The open art show will take place on Saturday 21 April 2001.

The forum offers you the chance to communicate and to express your own thoughts on TEATRE VIRTUAL.

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